Quick crank upgrade

So on the R+ the cranks that come stock are RaceFace AEffect jobs with a cinch chainring. 51mm chainline since you didn’t ask. I mentioned before that I tried flipping the ring to get a better chainline (which is what Pivot say they do on their Switchblade) but TBH the chainline was just as out, but the other way, and the ring was then to close to the crank arm for a guide to fit. So I just run it stock and you know what, its fine.

Anyway, thats not the point of this post. The point is that my other bike has RaceFace Atlas FR cranks, which look to fix the same way, but come with a self extracting crank bolt, where-as the AEffect cranks don’t and you need a puller to remove them. That sucks. I tried the Atlas crank bolt on the AEffect cranks but its an M14 thread on the Atlas and an M15 on the AEffect. The dust cap bit though fits fine. So I took at look at the RaceFace spare catalogue and found an “F30018 Deus 2008 Crank Bolt / Puller Assembly”, which is also known as “F30018 Bolt/Puller Cap EXI-Type M15”. Its £10, so worth a shot.

New self extracting bolt
Original bolt
New bolt fitted


So there we are, a self extracting crank bolt so that I can pull the crank trailside if I ever need. Plus the new bolt is alloy and hollow too, so, err, bonus.