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  • Two and a half years later…

    I’m not really sure why this is here anymore. All I ever do is apply WordPress updates and think “Wow, its been a while hasn’t it”. I’m not sure that the idea of a personal blog is that appealing in the modern era of Facebook (not that I ever post there either) and Twitter. Perhaps […]

  • Distillery visiting on the 456

    Given the density of distilleries on Islay (and the closeness of Jura) it seemed silly not to take the bike with me when I was up there last week. I guess you could say its like munro bagging, but with distilleries. All in all it was about 130miles of riding, on road, but the big […]

  • Wind-alike update

    The little Advent 4211 is chugging along nicely. Its never going to be a day-to-day usable machine, but for a small, light, portable thingie its fine. I chucked another gigabyte of RAM in it ‘cos it was 8quid, can’t say I have noticed any difference to be honest. Maybe I will if I Hackintosh it, […]

  • Xmas already

    So it’s the second Sunday in November and I have just been eating Xmas (there is no Christ left in it these days) pudding and brandy butter. True enough I am usually the first to lambast the ever earlier starting of the commercial festive period, but as this was in the name of charity, I […]

  • DAS is good

    Quite how I’m not sure, but I passed my motorcycle test yesterday (DAS, Direct Access) with only 1 minor. Scarily I can now go and ride any motorcycle I want on a public road. Thankfully for my own safety and that of others I was quite scared enough on a Suzuki GS500 at 70mph and […]

  • Good-bye IE6 support

    I have decided that anyone using IE6 is a ludite and doesn’t deserve to be able to enjoy things as I mean them to be seen 😉 As such i have decided to not bother putting in hacks to make IE6 work with transparent PNGs. Sorry IE6 user, whoever you are. I also need to […]

  • Longleat Trails – Reserection

    This last weekend was the first ‘dig day’ of the Black Canon Collective, which is a new club I’m helping with that was started to make the old unofficial Longleat trails official. Its been a fair while since Longleat shut the place down, for totally understandable reasons, and its been a fair amount of work […]

  • Apple WWDC ’08 keynote yawn

    Is it just me, or was the who Apple WWDC ’08 keynote a huge let down? I have not seen much in the techsphere that would agree with me, people seem all excited about a “new” 3G iPhone, but for me the whole thing was a let down. Sure, isn’t it nice to see a […]

  • Bristol BikeFest 2008

    After week of the weather “Will it? Won’t it?”, the sun came out for this years Bristol BikeFest. Last year Bob and I wandered along on the Sunday to watch Neil plug around for 6 hours solo and walked much of the course – it looked quite fun, though there was little vibe in the […]

  • WordPress Templates

    The trouble with something like WordPress is that fiddling with templates becomes addictive and highly time consuming. I never quite could be bothered to make the old template do what I wanted, but then I came across a blog which was laid out just about how I wanted mine to look. Thankfully the template was […]