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  • Digibox data recovery

    When the hard disk in your cheapy PBR appears to play up, most people, I suspect, would select teh format option and hope for the best. Oddly, I’m not most people 😉 So, armed with some info from a random website I cracked open my Digihome PVR80 and pulled out the misbehaving disk. As the […]

  • E-bay search, mk2

    Having disliked E-bay’s new search so much, I am pleased to see that things seem to have gone back to the old ways. Not completely, but enough that things are usable again 🙂 Well done E-bay for admitting when they messed up and sorting it.

  • E-bay’s new search

    Not sure when it went ‘live’ but I see today that E-bay has a new search. God its terrible! I search for “6001 bearing” and it only shows me results from “Car and Vehicle”, listing 4 results. It has a link to another group, “pocketbikes” with another result, but thats it. I know damn well […]

  • Wonder if he missed the goal… – Now to me that does look awfully close, even with perspective etc…

  • Fun at IKEA

    I went to IKEA on Wednesday evening, with my GF, to buy a shelving unit thing. Its a machine that ‘tests’ a Poang armchair by simulating a heavy arse sitting down and reclining. In case you can read the couter, which should show how many cycles the chair has been through, here is a close […]

  • LK Update

    One of the many nice things about Sri Lanka is that there is a lot of diversity, both in socioeconomic, culture and landscape terms. For example, I am sat at the moment on the patio of my hotel, surrounded by lush tropical tree and flowers, yet without being disturbing I can here the hustle and […]

  • Greetings from LK

    “Welcome to Colombo’s Bandaranaike International Airport. The temperature today is a warm 33 degrees celsius. Would those seating in rows 28 to 43 please exit by the rear doors. It has been a pleasure having you on-board this SriLankan Airlines flight today and we hope to see you again soon.” I’m sorry, I don’t do […]

  • Off to LK.

    Well, I have hijacked some wireless in Heathrow to entertain me whilst I wait for my flight to Colombo. Apparently I get a stop over (the kind where you cant get off) in the Maldives, which is not quite the direct flight I asked for. Nevermind. 11hour flight… sucky, I hope I can get some […]

  • Killing Joke

    Went to see Killing Joke’s 25th anniversary gig at London’ Sheppard’s Bush Empire tonight, t’was bloody excellent! Sure, it was rather packed and I the chap in front of me looked unhappy with 110kg or me jumping about behind him, but hey, I had a great time! Sadly, on route to the gig, my dear […]

  • More Valentines…

    Now this is a sentiment I fully appreciate 🙂