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  • Trousers

    Thanks be to who pointed me to a nice on-line army surplus place. I now have some nice combats in black (US style and thus a touch more fitted in the leg than I’m used to) and proper olive camo (UK issue, so a better cut). Not sure if I should wear proper camo to […]

  • 36cm in circumference

    Never, even inadvertently, get into a discussion with someone who is all to happy to tell you about their child birth experiences. I’m scared for life…

  • Valentines

    Something I find far more fitting for Feb 14th… its as if they picked the release date deliberatly 😉

  • Tax IS taxing!

    Rah, I have completed my tax return, online, for 2003/2004 and paid the £2.40 the Inland Revenue said I owed them. Now I suppose I should fill in the paper copy for 2002/2003… ‘cos its only a year late! Oops.

  • We loves Autoglass!

    Cool. The nice man (who really was a nice man, mountain biker, Welsh, black belt Kung Foo) from Autoglass has replaced my side window. Other bonus was finding mu iPod adapter under the front passenger seat, so the thieving scumbags only got a head torch. I hope they cut themselves and get a nasty infection! […]

  • Bastard Toerag Scum

    Some lowlife has broken into my car, the second time its been broken into in 4 months. They didn’t take the radio, since the front is on my desk, but they stole my headtorch and iPod power adapter from the glove box. Autoglass will be around between 9 and 11pm this evening to replace the […]

  • Blergh

    Work is shitty ATM. I managed to cock up a VIP addition and caused a 3.5day outage of web server access logging. Arse. Still have not manage to finish team structure diagrams ‘cos everything else is far to important to wait apparently. Arse. Tomorrow looks like it’ll be a shite day too. Arse. On the […]

  • Woo Hoo!,,2076_4313_191756407,00.html

  • Christmas is upon us!

    The world and its mother appear to be shopping in Sainsburys this lunch time. The season of goodwill doesn’t appear to extend down the aisle of the the supermarket either!

  • Dell are bastards 😉

    Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2004 17:42:12 -0000 From: To: al Subject: Message from Dell Computers Dear Sir/ Madam, Thank you for your recent request to purchase a Dell PowerEdge 1600 SC server(s). We regret to inform you that due to unprecedented demand on the day the offer was launched we have sold out of […]