Fun at IKEA

I went to IKEA on Wednesday evening, with my GF, to buy a shelving unit thing.

Its a machine that ‘tests’ a Poang armchair by simulating a heavy arse sitting down and reclining. In case you can read the couter, which should show how many cycles the chair has been through, here is a close up.






3 responses to “Fun at IKEA”

  1. zootalures avatar

    Yeah that was still there this morning.

  2. al_bullit avatar

    Yu went to IKEA on a saturday moring? Are you mad? Did you make it out alive?

  3. 561 avatar

    We had no choice. We went to buy our table and chairs on Thursday only they had no chairs… so we had to go back on Saturday. In actual fact there wasn’t that many people there (for a Sat), I was rather surprised.

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