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  • So I bought my namesake…

    Ever since Ragley brought out the BigAl, folk have said I should have one as it has my name on. To be honest, as cool as it is, I’m a snob and for the past 5 1/2 years I have had a custom Ti hardtail and why would I ride a commodity Aluminium frame instead? […]

  • Your frame is ready , What do you think?

    Only 14 days after confirmation of payment receipt, Carbonda emailed over two photos of my painted frame and asked me “What do you think?”. To be honest I’m not sure what they expect anyone to say at that point. But it looks like I thought it would, so “Looks good” it was. Definitely know what […]

  • Hello world! aka, and so it begins

    Well, I’ve just PayPal’d money to a company in China that the internet says is probably quite reliable… So in “3-4weeks, plus 15-35 days” hopefully a not too courier abused cardboard box will arrive with a new bike frame in. Wish me luck!

  • Teething issues

    I’ve held off on writing this post until Cotic had had a chance to sort things, which they now have. So….

  • The end. *sold*

    So cutting to the chase, I’ve sold the Crafty. It was fun, but it was time to move on. Largely the main reason for selling it was the lack of mud clearance with a 29er wheel in. I know, its not a 29er frame, so its not Mondraker’s fault, its just how it is. Round […]

  • Ooops. That didn’t last long.

    So when I ordered the frame, I had a choice of two shocks. Cotic offer the X-Fusion O2 RCX by default, with the option of a Cane Creek DB I-line for £300 more.

  • Build time

    With the frame back from InvisiFrame it was time to build. Everyone’s build will be different, so I’ll skip the details of mine, but here are some of the issues I had…

  • Hello nice TNT driver. Hello frame!

    “Late Feb” was the expected delivery when I ordered the frame. Cotic say they ship on Thursdays so if they were going to make that it had to ship on the 22nd. And it did. When the TNT man came on Friday he was in shorts (naturally, its 1C outside) and commented he hoped I […]

  • Will a Sentinel be right?

    I’ve had a bike of a love/hate relationship with my current longer travel 29er. Part of that is my fault, part of that is the fault of the Spanish, but it convinced me of one thing, I needed a better longer travel 29er.

  • A Cotic FlareMax V2…

    I was never going to buy this bike. I was going to just have a hardtail and a full sus. Simple. But, I kinda went for a bulldozer of a full sus that won’t be here til late May and that left me with three options for the three months between now and then. Just […]